UK Patents on a Map
UK Patents on a Map

To make the most of this map this is what you can do:

  • Double click to zoom in (or use the + or - options)
  • Single click on a pin gives you the details including a link to the IPO database 'IPSUM'
  • Single click on a circle gives you a list - single click on a list item gives you the details
  • Select 'Details', bottom right of the map, and you will be taken to a new page (in a new browser tab) in which you can search/filter on the available data fields

The data provides the applicant name. Current ownership and other information can only be confirmed by using the IPSUM link. If a limited company or LLP, you can easily check out their status and find plenty of other useful information by using the excellent free service at


NOTE: The maps are best viewed using Chrome or Firefox

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