UK Patents on a Map
UK Patents on a Map

About 'Patents on a Map'

Launched on 3 July 2013, this site maps many of the UK's innovators, specifically UK based holders of UK patents. The data includes links to the relevant page of the IPSUM database operated by the Intellecual Property Office (IPO) where the latest and most accurate data concerning any patent can be found.


This is a service that I very much hope will be of help to inventors, patent applicants and owners as well as their advisors. My aim in placing this data into a map format (with the help of the lovely people at eSpatial) is that it brings alive the potential for collaboration when you see how close you are as a patent holder to others, whether in your sphere of innovation or otherwise.


Who knows what you might learn by contacting individuals and businesses who are experts in your field or in some other field that may be relevant to yours in some way?  There is so much resource wasted re-inventing what has already been invented; pursuing concurrent research that could fare better through cooperation; and competing for funding in the commercialisation of innovations that could be brought together to common good.


The data comes from the Intellectual Property Office. It is not comprehensive and may contain errors. It is a place to start and no more. Always seek professional advice.


Have a look around, if only because you're curious.  It's free.


Peter Rouse


NOTE: The maps are best viewed using Chrome or Firefox

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